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Aims to bring flights directly to Hua Hin as well as to deliver an unparalleled passenger experience and world-class airline efficiency while increasing the productivity and commerciality of Hua Hin airport.

On 7 April 2021, John Laroche, CEO of Phoenix Aviation International Ltd., dished information about the Phoenix Plan, which is a private sector initiative fully funded by the Phoenix Group. 

The breakthrough concept of the Phoenix-Plan is linking airport and town to create the critical mass necessary for upgraded visitor services, new flight routes, partnership opportunities and special tourist services in Hua Hin town as well as at Hua Hin Airport.

The LIVE-WORK-LEARN-PLAY program works with and supports businesses to create jobs, fill more university and international school places, invest in new destination attractions and bring resources to target industries.

  • medical tourism

  • health & wellness

  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions)

The Phoenix-Plan air-side, land-side and in-town services include a dedicated tourist app, a new membership program, duty free shopping, VIP welcome and departure services.

Open to the World is a new B2V (Business to Visitor) program reaching the airport, town, surrounding areas and participating partners open to visitors and residents.

Hua Hin Airport 2.png


  • VIP Lounge

  • Arrival Gifts

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Valuable Rewards

  • Departure messages

  • Information Desk Services

Business Partners at Work


  • Free travel insurance or roadside assistance with our partner Chubb Insurance

  • Local members can learn English online for free on the app with our partner NYC English

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